Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

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Hi all,

We have ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4’ in our PC and our PC is not quite working , means,  it is not booting. A friend of mine told me that OS is crashed. Problem is, we have very important files and data in that computer and we cannot afford to lose them. Any expert can tell the way to how to recover  overcome this problem?


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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4


If your Red Hat Operating system on your machine has been corrupt then for recover your important data you should install a fresh windows7 or vista without formatting the operating system drive.

     After installation you copy and paste the important files in different and again install the desired operating system.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4



Hello Elaine,

To my knowledge, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 is not an operating system but a security system.

If OS indeed crashed then you really need to re-install it and recover data afterwards, provided that you have made a data backup prior.

I would strongly recommend having your PC checked by a technician as the situation you described above may happen for several reasons. We need to physically identify if it is really caused by an OS failure causing boot problems or it could be something else. 

This can be a one good approach to take before even reinstalling the OS which may cause more problems.

On a side note, you can also back up the data using several options.

1.)   You can take out its hard drive and connect or attach it to another working computer.

2.)   Execute a data recovery over the network. As long as you have remote agent installed then this will boot it up using a startup disk. Through this process, remote agent will connect to another computer that has internet or any PC that is connected over a local area network and this allows you to run the data recovery software even if the main computer will not boot. R studio allows you to perform this operation.

3.)   You can use a CD or DVD as a storage device to run a start up version of a date recovery program which you can use to boot up your computer. The downside is, this will only work if there no hardware issues with your machine.





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