Red and Green pixels display on Computer screen

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When i turn on my computer Red and Green pixel display on my screen, what's going on??

It had happened 2 – 3 times. I think there is no need to worry about it. Is it necessary to take anything to do for stop this? If anybody knows why this is happening, please inform me. When this is happening I have to turn of the computer and turn it on for working the computer. I have bought the computer in the year 2006. Kindly help me to get out of this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Red and Green pixels display on Computer screen


Hi Edward,

You can try to use a solid state solution like PixelTuneup. It’s a device that can eliminate stuck pixels while upgrading the quality on the color, quality and contrast. Turn off you monitor and plug in the PixelTuneup. Turn on the monitor and wait for 20 minutes. Turn off and unplug the device as it should have eliminated the stuck pixels.

You can also try to put a pencil, pen or a pda stylus on a damp cloth. You then apply pressure on the part where the pixel are stuck then  turn on the computer. After this process, the stuck pixel should have been gone.


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