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What softwares can I use if I wasn't to record a hands-on tutorial about Photoshop without using a webcam or video camera? Is there something like a "video screenshot?"

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Hi Luigi,

Yes, there is a software used for video recording on your desktop or we can also call it a screen recorder.

The common use of this software is to create and provide demo videos or the same purpose as yours, as a tutorial.

There are several software's to choose from:

Debut Video Capture Software

This software can record from webcam, from eternal devices, from the computer screen and streaming video.

CamStudio ​Free Streaming Video Software

Fraps Real time video capture and benchmarking 

Screenshot Captor
FastStone Capture

Some softwares are free and some needs to be purchase.

If you are not going to use this for job related purpose, then you can just use a Freeware.


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