Adobe Dreamweaver JavaScript error at line 383

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Hi to all

I have recently installed the HTML editor software Adobe Dreamweaver on my system.

When I execute a program, it gives me the following error on my screen:

The error says:

While executing onLoad in XolDwExShutdown.html, the following

JavaScript error(s) occurred:

At line 383 of file “C:Program File (×86)AdobeAdobe Dreamweaver


XolDwExls is not defined

Can anyone please let me know why is this happening?

I have tried hard by all means to find the solution, but I could not.

If anyone can please tell me how to solve it, that'll be great.

Waiting to hear from you soon

Kindest regards


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Adobe Dreamweaver JavaScript error at line 383


While using Dreamweaver, you may encounter some JavaScript errors such as the above problem.

That might happen when you lunch/close your Dreamweaver.

Sometimes users experience those errors while for example you are to access some codes on a PHP page and other.

Try to remove the WinFileCache-7A9586CB.dat file from the Dreamweaver configuration folder.

See below:

For Dreamweaver CS6: C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataRoamingAdobeDreamweaverCS6[language]Configuration

For CS5.5:


For CS5:


For CS4:

And then try to run it again.

hope it's helpful

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