After Effects gives an output module failed error

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Hello Everyone,

I really hope someone could help me with this really maddening issue. I have been attempting to render in the Render Queue and all of a sudden, all those sequences that had rendered perfectly earlier seems to hang around 1 or 2 frames and gives me the error message shown in the below attachment. I have made no changes to these items and I have had now new installations or updates done recently. I tried trashing all AE preference files and tried repairing permissions. But none of this worked for me. I am running After Effects CS5 on Mac OS X 10.6.4. I am able to render in the timeline but the Render Queue fails to render even a single file. I am clueless as to what might be causing the issue as it occurred out of the blue and I have had these files rendering perfectly only two days back. Can somebody please point out what is causing this issue and possibly suggest few ideas to work on resolving this issue? Many thanks for taking your time out to help me with this frustrating issue.

After Effect error: Rendering error while writing to file “/Volumes/4 TB RAID/ timelapse”. An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1610153464)

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After Effects gives an output module failed error


I’m not sure if you are getting the file from the server’s hard drive or from your own local hard drive but you need to check if the file is really damaged or maybe is set to read-only that’s why the file can’t be modified. Check the file’s properties first and verify if it is set to read-only. Any file with an enabled read-only attribute is prevented from being modified.

This means you cannot save any changes to the file unless you remove the file’s read-only attribute. If the file is really in read-only state, simply uncheck the Read-only option and open the file again in Adobe After Effects. If the file is located in the server, try copying it on your local hard drive and render the changes there and save it.

Once all changes and modifications have been made, copy it back to the server and replace the original file.

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