Recommended PSU Wattage Capacity with Various Drives Connected

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What is the possible wattage capacity that a power supply can produce to suit a system that has a DVD drive three hard drives including a high-end video card? That is my question.

Thanks a lot. 

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Recommended PSU Wattage Capacity with Various Drives Connected



Hello Jasika,

To determine the appropriate power supply wattage that will work best for your system is crucial. Whether you have an out-of-box computer or you will be having an upgrade, it will be best to check the power consumption of each component/device.

You mentioned that your system has a DVD drive, three hard drives and a high-end video/graphics card. To start with, you have to list down all of the components that is fed by the power supply. Make sure to also include the following:




Add-on cards




There is no need to include components that are externally powered such as your monitor.

As soon as you have the list, you may list down the technical specifications for the power rating (wattage) of each component. Just add-up all the power wattage values on your list to get the total wattage needed for your system to run in its optimal performance.

Note: Make sure to also provide a 30% buffer to your total wattage. This will ensure that you will not encounter any power usage issues.

Hope this helps!

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