Query about accounting year in GNU Cash Software

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Hello Guys,

I just have one quick question about GNU Cash software. How can I close an accounting year and open a new accounting year with the required balances brought forward in GNU cash software? Please help if you can teach me.Thank you in advance.

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Query about accounting year in GNU Cash Software


Hi, Joseph.

First of all, it will depend on the GNU Cash Software that you are using. Since 2.2.4, there is already a "Book-Closing" feature that was added.

(Tools>Close Book)

But for other versions, it is possible only with some work around. One is by copying your data file to create a new file to be edited and to add zeroing transactions to each income/expense accounts.

Just a side note, even without closing the books, reports such as Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, still work. However, account balances won't show the year-to-date.

Lastly, you could use the third party tool Gnucasheditor which can split your files at a given date keeping balances, accounts, invoices, customers and stock-quotes intact.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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