Putting a custom GUI on top

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I am using MS Office 2007. I want to know if there is any freeware GUI Excel? Is it possible to put a custom GUI on top and spreadsheet residing at back end?

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Putting a custom GUI on top



Hi there,
There are several things you can do, but I'm afraid none will be the perfect fit.
I'd go with the Clear Office. Using the Clear Office you can easily host workbooks in your GUI and vice versa. This would be something like an "elegant" solution.
You can also try with Excel Interop. It won't look too good, and may be slow, but will work.
There are also some commercial solutions that would probably be the best solution you can find, like Professional Excel Development by Bovey.
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Putting a custom GUI on top


Hello Donald,

Check out for this book Professional Excel Development by Bovey.It gives the technical know-how of creating Excel customizations which includes improving the user interface to your tastes and preferences.Also check Excel Interop.It codes your gui with WinForms/WPF and .net.

Try out those resources which I am sure of shedding some light to the issue.

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