Can excel transaction templates be useful to accountants?

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I have a friend who is an accountant and been seeking opinion on how she can use MS excel in most of her functions. Can these excel transaction templates be useful to her? What sort of functions can she do with them? Kindly give me some ideas, please, so I can share them with her. Thanks.

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Can excel transaction templates be useful to accountants?


Hi Marsh,

The accounting vocation has been revolutionized by Microsoft’s spreadsheet program Excel.
Excel incorporates with most of the accounting software programs, which has increased the capabilities and usefulness of spreadsheets. There are three important and basic features of Excel spreadsheets which are templates, financial analysis, and import/export capabilities.
Almost every accounting software programs which businesses use have the capabilities of integration for exporting and importing financial transactions.
The Excel Spreadsheets export/import features can be used to transfer the information amongst accounting software and business operational software.
Accountants can make them on their own or use some already made Excel pre-made templates for exporting the information out of the company’s accounting programs. Spreadsheet templates can be cash flow worksheets, financial ratio analysis or financial statements.
Accountants rather use spreadsheet templates because they can be easy to adjust for the changes in managers requesting additional information or business operations. A few other template features that are useful to accountants are the ability to lock the cells on whole spreadsheets, restricting an individual’s access to change the information in their spreadsheet.
Also there is one other important feature of Microsoft Excel is to make a trend analysis by linking the spreadsheets with particular financial information. 

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