The procedure entry [email protected] could not be located

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Microsoft Visual Studio gives me this error when I want to run a project it. I have the right version for my PC and it seems like it won’t work at all. Can someone help me to run and make the right settings for this software ? Why is not working for me ?

Thank you !

Project1.exe – Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry [email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library C:UsersSamuelDocumentsVisual Studio 2012ProjectsProject1DebugProject1.exe


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The procedure entry [email protected] could not be located


No, I think it’s not Microsoft Visual Studio that’s causing the error it is your project or the executable file of your project. It seems like there is an entry in your program that links to something but the supposed link is missing or points to nowhere. Since “Project1.exe” is already an executable, it can no longer be fixed in this file.

Go back to your program and check or find the entry that directs to “[email protected]”. If this entry needs to access data in the dynamic link library, make sure it directs to the correct entry and not to a non-existent data. What happens here is that when your program calls for this entry or procedure, it will then access the data in the dynamic link library.

But what happens is, the data or the destination of the call goes to nowhere or doesn’t exist and if a data is called and it doesn’t exist then it will throw an error. Check your program and supporting files and compile your project again.

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