Provide me the following trillian astra irc scripts

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I really like how Trillian Astra works. It was such a fantastic job. I would like to know if the following functionalities can be enabled? If you can provide the Trillian Astra IRC scripts for these, that would be great:

Password recovery.

I would like a script to decrypt and decode the passwords of Trillian accounts.

Manage Email account functionalities.

This is where you can list your Gmail accounts and manage it.

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Provide me the following trillian astra irc scripts


Hey Dennis,

We can help you recover your password on Trillian Astar.

1st Is type this and visit then go to ‘Retrieve your lost Password’.

2nd Type your username and email address.

3rd Wait for the Trillian Astar to email you a Recovery Code and there's a box to enter the code.

4th You should remain on the page while verifying your code from your email because when you close the page and open it up again, you'll have a new code that’ll be given to you.

5th After the code is correctly entered you have to answer the security question you made. But when your answer is incorrect you'll get a linkage to reset your password.

Trillian is able to connect your email account. Trillian routinely checks mail for Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and Windows Live. If you’ve added Instant Messaging accounts for those individual services. Do not add it on Trillian. Everything is connected through industry standard POP3 or the newer IMAP.

Hoping this could help you.

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