Problems in downloaded a file.

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I had not experienced any problems on downloading a file, in fact it is a pretty fast download. However when I ran the said file, I got some errors that it was corrupted and to download a new copy. With this, I did go through the process again of downloading and re-installing. And once again I came across problems.

Now the errors showing are the given capture below.

WinRAR self-extracting archive
Extracting Flash_Disinfector.cmd
Extracting nircmd.exe
Extracting Drives.vbs
Extracting vfind.exe
Extracting pv.exe
CRC failed in pv.exe
Unexpected end of archive

I hope someone could help me out.


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Problems in downloaded a file.


First thing that you need to know about the software when you download is you need to download them from authenticated source rather downloading from unauthenticated sites. The main thing about your error is that it was not archived properly during the software archiving they might have cancelled the process  due to which you can see such error.

Second possibility is that the software might be corrupted. So make sure to download from proper sites rather wasting your time in downloading from other sites.

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Problems in downloaded a file.

Hello Samantha,
It seems that the file you downloaded keeps on getting corrupted. When you download a certain file check the file size and compare it to the file size of the one you downloaded. For example, a 12MB file should still appear 12MB when you finished downloading it. 
To protect you from corrupted downloads, I would advise to use a download manager. Download managers would pause your downloads and resume whenever it detects that your internet signal gets cut off. 
One popular download manager is Flashget. It allows you to download multiple files and ensures that your download finishes even when an interruption occurs on your internet.

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