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I am using Thunderbird to managed my three email accounts.

I always encounter this error, that tells me the system con no longer filter my email, since there is another process going on,. I use the two filters from the three to one inbox,  as I observe this error will appear when my inbox has a lot of incoming emails.

The message could not be filtered to folder 'Inbox' because another operation is in progress.

I have no problem using Thunderbird last week. After I came back from a week end day off, they reformatted my computer, after which, my Thunderbird is not functioning well. As I checked my computer no other software was added. Please help me check, or advice some checklist of what are the things shall I check.

Thanks all.

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Try to check if the filter is enabled and it should have a check mark next to the enabledcolumn, You can also running the filter manually, if there is nothing wrong with your filter if ever a bug prevented it by running automatically. Run a filter that always matches,and position something that you can see, it will help you identify accidental or filter editing to the mistaken account.

Or you can also try these: Open Tools/Message Filters, and click to expand messages for the selected account, then execute tools/import filter to bring in message filter to an account selected. Both supports thunderbird and Mozilla.