Problem in reformatting computer. Forgotten password

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Our computer is 4 yrs. used, and it's started to hanged up always. When I'm going to opened the computer, it's very too slow in the startup and the icon doesn't show for 1 – 2 hours. I tried to reformat my computer but the problem is, it's asking for a password. My uncle is the last who reformat our computer, I didn't know that he did set a password. I asked him the password but unfortunately he forgot it.

Guys, is there anyway how to reformat our computer? Even we can't remember the password? I really need to use the computer, our class is started last week. Please need some suggestions, thanks.

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Problem in reformatting computer. Forgotten password


If you don't care of losing the current data you have, then that would be easy.
Find an installation CD or DVD for your operating system. Insert it in your drive.
Then go to your BIOS screen. This can be done by pressing Delete key during start up. (Note: the key here may differ from system to system). After entering BIOS, go to the Boot menu and select your CD/DVD drive allowing your system to boot through the CD/DVD.
Save your settings, and restart.
When your system boots up, it will now boot through the CD/DVD. From there, you can cleanly install your OS. Choose the "Install" option instead of "Re-install" so as to have a clean and fresh installation.
Be warned that all your current files in your hard disk will be deleted. So think twice before doing this action.

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