Problem to open MS Word documents

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I setup Windows 7 to my personal desktop computer in which I have some important Word documents. These documents are related to my office work and sometimes need to print it.

As have no printer in my room, I take these documents to PenDrive and go to a shop but could not open the document. What's wrong?

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Problem to open MS Word documents


There can be several reasons for this. I will try to explain one by one:

  • One possible reason is this that in your computer at home you have Office 2007 but the shop where you took your document for printing may have Office 2003. Remember Office 2007 files can’t be opened in Office 2003.

To open the files in Office 2003 do the following:

  1. Go to the top menu, click on File and select save as.
  2. Now here is a drop down menu showing Save as Type. Select Word document 97-03 and save file. Now this file can be viewed in Word 97.

  • Other possible reason is this that there is some virus in that shop’s computer which infected your file. To solve this issue go back scan your pen drive and again copy the document to pen drive and take it to some other shop for printing.

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