Problem installing Photoshop CS4 in 86x bit Windows 7.

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Today, on my 86x bit Windows7, I had encountered problems in installing the Photoshop CS4 trial version

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Installer – Alerts
System Check
Critical errors were found n setup for Adobe Photoshop CS4:
Session has dependencies that cannot be satisfied. The installer database is invalid: please re-install
the product from the original media
Please see the Setup log file for details. Click Quit to exit Setup.
Some research on this issue and found some postings but not one showed out how to fix it.
I hope someone here could help me out on this.
Thanks in advance.
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Problem installing Photoshop CS4 in 86x bit Windows 7.


It seems that this software will really not work on your computer since you are running your machine with Windows 7. For your better understanding, visit again the website where you downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS4 and then check its technical specifications there.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is already hard to find in Adobe’s website because this is already an old version and they are introducing newer versions of it. As with the website where I managed to find the application, Adobe Photoshop CS4 only supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is clear here that your current operating system is not compatible with the software.

If you still want to use and install Adobe Photoshop CS4, a change in your operating system would do or maybe just run and install it on a virtual machine running with either Windows XP or Windows Vista. You may also try upgrading Adobe Photoshop CS4 to a much newer version.

Please visit Adobe to check for newer versions of Adobe Photoshop.

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Problem installing Photoshop CS4 in 86x bit Windows 7.


Download and run CS4 Clean Utility from this location.

Delete a file “caps.db” located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobecaps. 

Try again installing Photoshop.

If that doesn’t work, download and run MS Installer Cleanup Utility  

Use it to unregister any instances of Adobe Setup 2.0. When you’re done with that, try again to install Photoshop.

One of these two solutions will work for you.

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