How to apply color code for gold Photoshop in CYMK?

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Photoshop is amazing tool to manipulating different images and add graphic effects on them. I am trying to change color of image but wondering how to change color code for gold Photoshop in CYMK while I am searched a lot for this but failed. Please tell me what to do? Any suggestion please.

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How to apply color code for gold Photoshop in CYMK?


Greetings Kimberly Seann,

Well to generate a gold color in CMYK is going to be hard if you are using computer monitors as your only output. Because computer monitors work in RGB mode. CMYK is for printing. Also getting that really gold color requires PANTONE colors rather than CMYK. but none the less from searching that I've made you can try out this

C – 15
M – 30
Y – 80
K – 10

also this

C – 44
M – 47
Y – 78
K – 20

and this

C – 20
M – 30
Y – 100
K – 1

It might show different on your monitor. But try this 3, some might help.


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