Problem encountering in 2003 Outlook

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Hello everyone,

 I have surfed the internet but I did not get my answer yet.

I got the person is very well organized. The email he kept in different folder and subfolder. Once, all on a sudden, his some emails found in the “Deleted Item”.

There is no link between them that I can see. The emails are coming not only from one folder but also a lot of other. The 700 Mo and 650 Mo mailboxes suddenly have been transferred to “Deleted Item” strangely.

Does someone know the reason of happening this? To let you know this is without any rule and auto archives in his account. So, please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Problem encountering in 2003 Outlook


Hi Marianne,

I understand that you mentioned that there are no rules set on this account but we want to make sure we are not missing something. I would advice to run a clean rule command in outlook to delete or clean any existing rules. So that we have a clean plate to isolate the issue. You can do this by:

-Clicking on the Start button on your windows and click on Run.

-After that a pop box will come up and type in outlook /cleanrules

This will start Outlook and deletes client- and server-based rules.

-After performing this task and same issue still occurring I would advise you to backup all your emails or settings in your Outlook and un/reinstall the software

-In some case it still duplicating the issue I would suggest you to run virus scan on your PC and change account password and network password if you are connected using wireless.



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Problem encountering in 2003 Outlook


Hello Marianne,

Are you sure you did not delete those items, for they may not have landed in the Delete Items folder by themselves. Another possible reason as to why that is occurring is because you set the emails to be deleted automatically in some particular order. You will therefore need to check that and correct where necessary.



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