Problem with Autocad 2009 installer

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I was having my work and I was installing a kind of disk which is the AutoCAD 2009. I got a trouble midway upon installation. At first it went well and fine, until it stopped and an error window appears stating the disk is needed to be inserted. I was puzzled, the disk was already inserted. 

Here is an image about the error:

insert the disk: AutoCAD 2009: DISK

Please insert the disk

Please insert the disk: AutoCAD 2009: DISK

Please help me guys with these. Thanks

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Problem with Autocad 2009 installer



You asked your question a very good site. You will get good solution and good suggestion also. So keep it up.

Now come to the point. As per your question, they're already running install AutoCAD 2009 and suddenly you got a message that please insert the DISK. Please note, this is not an uncommon problem. Everyday we are facing same problem with some software CD. Anyway when you get this message, please push Eject button, when CDs came out then again inserts it and see the result. If again you get the same message then Please check your DISK, there you may find a scratch. That’s why the CD ROM not reading file from there and as a result showing this Message.

Please change the DISK and try it again.

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