I need a tool to capture IIS server traffic

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Hi, is there a tool that can capture IIS server traffic?

I would like to have that kind of software for my current project going on. We are moving and transferring to SQL 2005.

I would like to take a snapshot of all the traffic from the former server and to the latter server in order for me to compare the two.

Can you give me any idea?

I need a tool to capture IIS server traffic.

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I need a tool to capture IIS server traffic


Hi Balthazar

Yes there is a tool for capturing IIS server traffic. 

You are on right place to know about the tool named “Fiddler”.
  1. It is a web debugging proxy which can logs all HTTPS traffic in between you system and internet.
  2. It also allows you to inspect traffic and set breakpoints.
  3. It can “fiddle” with incoming and outgoing transfer of data. 
  4. It includes a powerful event based scripting subsystem.
  5. I can be extended by using any .NET Language.
  6. It is a freeware and can debug traffic from any application which supports a proxy including almost all internet browsers.
  7. It can also be use to debug traffic from popular devices e.g., I Pod/I Pad, Window Phones and many more.
I Hope now you’ll learn about this tool and make it easy for you to use. Good Luck!
Johnstoon Leen

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