Prefetch Folder – is it important?

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Is it ok to empty the Prefetch folder?

Is it like a temp file that needs to be deleted ?

Is there any conflict with the operating system if I delete the content of the Prefetch folder?


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Prefetch Folder – is it important?

First Answer:
  • No its need to empty the prefetch folder every day.
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  • No, this is not like temp file. Temp file is for temporary work file. Which we done every day, those all temporary copy create in this folder.
  • But prefetch is not like that, basically prefetch is used for the software which we open every day. Like Word, Excel, Acrobat etc.
  • When we open this kind of software then this software link file create in the Prefetch folder and next time computer use this link to open the software. So not need to delete this as temp file.
Third answer:
  • No, there is no conflict with the operating system, if you delete all content from Prefetch folder.
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Prefetch Folder – is it important?

Hi Hedric,
Prefetch folder is nothing but each time you turn on your computer, Windows keeps track of the way your computer starts and which programs you commonly open.
This information is saved in prefetch folder so that it loads those programs as soon as the computer is turned on and the outcome is it loads your programs faster.
You can consider deleting the contents inside the prefetch folder if you suspect a virus infection. Imagine loading the infected files first.
For this reason its a good practice to delete occasionally but not frequently as that will compromise the performance in loading the commonly used programs everyday.
Hope this is helpful for you.

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