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Pre orders of Sony dual-core BDP S790 Blu-ray player is starting now which has a dual- core processor and a price of $250. Can I convert 2D video to 3D in real time using this player?

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Sony dual-core BDP S790 Blu-ray player is set to hit the market on May 6 and you are right, Sony is starting to take some pre-orders for this advanced player for $250.

BDP S790 is far more different from other Blu-Ray players because of its dual core processor. It means that with a dual core processor, the performance is much better. It's maximum video resolution is 4k, something that Sony is boasting about. WiFi comes built-in with this device which supports streaming in Pandora, Netflix, YouTube and other sites. 

Your question is if this player can convert 3D videos to 3D in real time, right? Actually BDP S790's power actually allows converting in real time.

I hope this answers your question.

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