Sony Bravia TV scrolling channels on its own

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I have owned my TV set for almost 5 years now and it is giving me a really hard time now. Whenever I put it one, it starts flipping through the channels continuously. Initially, I thought it was the remote and I removed the batteries but nothing changed. I then suspected the buttons had been pressed inside and I attempted to change them but nothing seems to work. What could be the problem? How am I to solve it? Help is highly appreciated.

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Sony Bravia TV scrolling channels on its own


There are many factors why continuous cycling/changing of channels happens in any television sets. It doesn’t matter if it is LCD, PLASMA or CRT TV.

Here are some of the factors that triggers this phenomena.

1. Dirt. Any piece of device from cell phone to TV, computer keyboard to cell phone pads or TV control buttons, this is a major factor. The best way to eliminate continuous changing of channel is to clean the area clogged with dirt. To fix this try to use some cleaning agents.

2. Submerged or Hard Buttons. These are common to any device with buttons. Since we’re using it frequently, as device gets old we tend to push it harder because of dirt clogged in to it. To fix this open control panel of any appliance and check control panel clean dirt and try to emerge the sunken buttons.

3. Deterioration. Any type of television sets do have “life-expectancy.” Let us consider that buttons in any appliances were part of our body. As we get older part of our body that we often use will be the first part that will become weaker. The worst it will malfunction and time will come we will not be able to use it. For that we need to consult our doctor. Same concept applies in our button in any of our appliances. To fix this off course we need to bring it to its “Brand Retail Stores” if any part needed replacement.

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