Power supply exploded how to repair

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Hello guys i have a problem here one of my computer exploded its powersupply last night how can i repair this ?

I don't have any money to buy a new one can i still repair this?

I have tried recapping the capacitors but still it wont work it keeps on burning the fuse good day to all and god bless

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Power supply exploded how to repair



Guess you have a difficult problem in here huh?

Well, when power supply is broken, usually other parts are damage. Sometimes when this happens there`s nothing left for you to do but to buy a new one.

Here`s some tip to help you find a good and reliable power supply.

Check the desired power efficiency, the noise level, the warranty, wattage needed, specialized unit and the motherboard connection type. Or you can fix it by buying new parts for it and replace the other one.

Also make sure to put the switch in correct input voltage.  To top it all I recommend you to buy a new power supply, because it is so risky to use the exploded power supply again. It might affect all parts on your computer.

Thank you

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Power supply exploded how to repair


If your CPU’s power supply exploded it’s best that you buy a new one instead of trying to fix it especially if you are not an experienced electronics technician. If you do not have any knowledge about electronics, better not touch the electronic parts inside the power supply.

Some of the bigger electrolytic capacitor still store electric current inside and if you happened to touch it you will get electrocuted. The current is not that high but you will still feel the pain.

Usually in electronic circuits if something has exploded the first thing that should be checked is the fuse because it limits the amount of electric current going into the board. It will explode if the current is high than what it should be and the supply to the board will be cut off.

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