What is bit stands for?

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I have a question regarding Computer Bits. What it is and what are its functions? The only thing I know is that since it stands for Binary Digit, it is compose of 0 and 1 since it is the smallest digit. How can you classify the number of Bits in one computer? Can you tell me more about it?

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What is bit stands for?



Actually the three words BIT did not sand for any name. It is just a name. It represents the name of Binary Digit.

I can be recognized as a binary digit that has only two possible values. It is not only “0” or “1”. It can be true or false, High voltage or Low voltage, like that.

In the computer hardware we use this binary digit for the communication processes. For a example we can indicate to one device with high and low voltages and transfer data using bits,

In computers we use bits or multiple bits to identify the capacities of digital devices.

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What is bit stands for?



A bit in computers is the smallest form of information that the computer uses. The bit is represented by binary digits which can be either 1 implying ON and 0 implying OFF. Before data is stored in computers, it is first of all converted into the binary digits which are represented by zeroes and ones.

BIT stands for BInary digiT hence it is derived from the words binary digit. There are formulas that you can use to convert the binary digits into other formats that are used for representation like the hexadecimal,  the decimal and the octal format.

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