Power point error when printing

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Any technical help please! I was about to print the PowerPoint presentation slides as documentation for my paper works to be submitted to my professor when this error message appeared “PPT2000: The Printer Isn’t Responding.” To be honest, I do not have adequate understanding on computer applications. I am only dependent on what and how the User Guide or User Manual is telling and directing to me.

What I did was, I referred to the manual and it instructed me to delete the default printer that my computer has been detecting and all the extra files that relates to printer. After that, I reinstalled the driver of the printer and restarted my PC but the same message error occurred.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Power point error when printing



My name is Brice.

The problem you are having means that Microsoft PowerPoint is having difficulty communicating with your printer. There are various causes for this:

1. The printer may be offline, turned off or may be disconnected from your PC, so make sure your printer is installed and working properly on your system, connected properly and is turned on.

2. The printer may be out of paper or the paper inside is jammed. Look at your printer and make sure the paper is placed properly and there is no jammed paper in it.

3. The regional setting for your printer could be corrupted. To fix this issue you need to reset your regional setting. Go to Start then Control Panel. Double click Regional Settings, in the Regional Settings tab choose the a different setting from the original (make sure to remember what your previous setting is before changing) then Restart your computer, do the same again and this time go back to your original setting and Restart your computer again.

4. The printer driver may be corrupted. Try reinstalling your driver using the CD that comes with your Printer.

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Power point error when printing


What version of PPT are you using? We're betting that you're on 2002 or 2003 and have set the "transparent" plot fill on the graph using the transparency slider. This feature isn't supported in PPT 2000, which would cause the transparency you'd see in 2002/2003 to be nontransparent in 2000.

Microsoft Office 2000 has built-in functionality that allows you to get more information about difficult-to-troubleshoot alerts or error messages.

If you want to enable this functionality for this and other error messages in Microsoft Office 2000, please download the Microsoft Office 2000 Customizable Alerts file from the Microsoft Office Update Web site at the following address :Download Link

NOTE: If you reached this article by clicking the Web Info button in an error message, you already have Customizable Alerts enabled.


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