Please illuminate about Ethernet Cables

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What is Ethernet Cable and how does it work? What is “no spike” cable and “with spike” cable? What is EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and why is this needed? Which type of signals Ethernet Cables send? What are errite rings, chokes, snubbers? What is UDP and why is this needed? How Ethernet Cable works on Network Interface Cards? What are EMI/RFI regulations? When Ethernet Cable stopped buffering? What is happening, if the network is streaming rather than transferring? Thank You

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Please illuminate about Ethernet Cables



           It is a family of computer networking technologies LAN and MAN. It is commercially introduced 1980 and has been refined higher bit rates link distances.

           The Ethernet has largely replaced competing wired LAN technologies such as ARCNET, Local ring, FDDI. The alternative LAN is not wired LAN standardized IEEE 802.11 also known as WIFI.

           This standard has several wiring and signalling Varients OSI physical layer in the use of ethernet. Later coaxial has replaced fiber optic and twisted pair connections with switches and hubs.

           The 400Gbit/is expected by early 2017.

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