Play Station 3 Connection to the Internet Error

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Hello everyone! I tried to connect my Play Station 3 to the Internet with a modem attached to my computer and I get this error message: DNS 80710102. The internet is working well and I can get an IP address. Everything is fine with the Internet Connection Settings. What seems to be the problem? Any help would be great. Thank you.

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Play Station 3 Connection to the Internet Error


You might be having a pesky DNS problem. Did you see your PS3 can still be able to browse but you are not logged in? Are you a Roadrunner customer? If so, continue reading below:

The key issue is the Roadrunner DNS problem. To fix this, try to configure your PS3 network on manual option. However, if you are using a DHCP, configure the address resolution to automatic option but the DNS Server Entry should be configured manually.

Change the Roadrunner DNS entries from the DNS addresses given below. These are from the Open DNS project. These are free, safe and very easy to use.

The DNS addresses are: or/and

After changing your DNS, you can now log in without getting any issues.

And also, you can use the above addresses on your network or if you are configuring your router. But I am not really sure if this will work. I don't really have time on creating a thread regarding on configuring every single router that everyone is using. If it doesn't work, just try the same steps above.

And if you think that this is a problem with the PSN, think of this: I can still browse the web using my PS3 and I can also use my home PC's without getting any issues. The only problem that I encountered is when I logged on to the PSN network using the TWC with given DNS addresses. But after replacing the DNS, the problem was fixed instantly.

If this is a PSN issue, the addresses from OpenDNS will not work for me or to anyone who already tried it. But I think I am certain that the problem is from your ISP. Remember that many ISP's such as Time Warner rely on a 3rd-party DNS hosts. It doesn't really mean that when you owned a TW such as Comcast or Cablevision, the servers are also owned or managed by them as well. Possibly, the DNS provider altered something on their routing tables that stops PSN connection.

Remember that when you changed your DNS address, it was just like you are using a different DNS provider.




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Play Station 3 Connection to the Internet Error


Yeah it must be a DNS address problem because generally Playstation connects through the internet pretty easily and quickly, at least mine does. Do try out the solution provided by my friend here and I also think that will do the thing for you.

Anyways enjoy your gaming.

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