What is BIOS (basic input output system) update?

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What and when it is required to update BIOS? What tools are required for BIOS Updating?  What types of improvements we view after updating BIOS? Is this possible to set boot from USB Flash Memory as first Boot device in a motherboard after BIOS update which doesn’t have this Feature?

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What is BIOS (basic input output system) update?


Updating your BIOS into new version could increase the performance. It is not risky and you could do it in safety mode with safety measures.

Updating BIOS in acer is not that complicated, you can do it yourself or if not you can go to a technician for some help.

Here are the simple steps that you can follow:

1. Watch this video to learn how to create a bootable flash drive:

2. Transfer your folders DosTool on Flashdrive.

3. Be sure you're in the Dos mode where you can go to letter C, D..and so on whatever you choose

  Type in cd DosTool, press enter Flash.bat, press enter, your new BIOS should start programming

4. Save the default setting and Exit

5. Reboot system and press "Del" to enter BIOS set up menu

6. Save the default setting and exit.

The most important things to remember in updating BIOS

1. Identify your existing BIOS version

2. Back up

3. Read the manual

4. Update

Please read the instructions and hopefully I answer all your queries.


Steeley Ney

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