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With special low power mode, Pixel Qi is now working on a super dense version of its signature display which uses low power than Apple’s technology. When will this gadget be available?

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The enhancement for the Low Power Mode Pixel Qi is on its primary stage. Mary Lou Jenses, the founder of it is in need of hardware associates line up. She is still unsure on when the new screens will be ship, it is suggested to be shipped on early 2013.

The latest discovery is a unique low-power mode that utilizes of approximately 0.08 watts while on dim light. The panel has the same 2048x1536 resolution which is the same as the latest iPad but has a low power consumption than on Apple's technology. This display will utilize the same procedure that presents a e-paper like result for comprehensible outdoors. And also, when in bright offices, the new panel at approximately 10-inches in size utilizes 2 watts contrary to the 5 watts on iPad under the same lightning.

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Hi there,

Pixel Qi recently showcased a display equaling the Retina Display on the iPad 3, while the Retina Display on the iPad 3 is fantastic in terms of display quality, the display had a massive power draw of 8W at idle. This is where Pixel Qi’s magic comes to play.

Pixel Qi is not just using Apple’s display technologies, but they are using the Retina Display as a reference model and will build a new architecture that matched the iPad3 screen with significantly less power draw than that of the Ipad 3. The device is stated for a Q1 2013 release date.

Hope answers any question that you might had.