Personal Hotspot Not Connected Error

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Ever since I updated my iPhone to iOS 5, I was unable to make my personal hotspot work. I set the Wi-Fi on and the personal hotspot on the settings but I’m still receiving a “Not Connected” Error. I certainly believe that this is not a problem with the connection since I can still connect using other device. Is there anyone out there who was having the same problem? How can I fit it?

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Personal Hotspot Not Connected Error


Hi Mia,

The problem seems related to iOS 5, which really a big issue in iOS 5. You can use this fix to get work your Personal Hotspot.

Follow the steps below.

1. Go to Network > Advanced in System Preferences

2. Set up a new account complete with a password. To do this, highlight the name of your network and press the "-" button, reboot and then hit the " +" button.

3. Proceed in setting up with WPA2 Personal. Make sure only the first box is selected, "Remember Networks" (others are unchecked.) Hope this helps.




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Personal Hotspot Not Connected Error



Hi there user:

Plug-off the dock-cable, then go to your hotspot page, turn-on and off your (personal) hotspot. Wait for few seconds after the reset, and then try to connect to Wifi.

Few months ago, my fellow friend has the same problem which began right after he updated iOS 5. Luckily, it was solved by the stated procedure. I hope it’ll work for you too.

Thanks for asking.

Best regards,

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