Peculiar message while trying to create new file in VS2010 Ultimate

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Hello friends,

I have just installed the most up to date MVC package (Q2.2012.2.607).

When trying to create a new file in VS2010 Ultimate, all these peculiar messages appear.



Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio

El archivo vstemplnte hace referencia a la clase dc asistente

‘Telerik.MVC.VSPackage.VSTemplateMVC4EntryPointWizard‘, que no
existe en el ensamblado 'Telerik.MVC.VSPackage, Version=2012.1.214.0,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0dfdc51bd06071b4'.
I am using MVC 4 with C# language. 

I did a "clean" install – deleted all Telerik installations, deleted %applocal% Telerik folder, deleted Common7IDEExtensionTelerik folder, did a clean install of the latest version, but the problem persists.
MVC3 projects run normally.

Do you know what I can do?

Thanks to all.

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Peculiar message while trying to create new file in VS2010 Ultimate


This error happen because of dll interference related to the old version of telerik MVC and the recent installed version of telerik MVC but the old DLLs is not located in telerik installed folder, it is located in the references that is located in your bin Folder of your Project so you need.

First to remove your old DLLs from your project references
remove the old DLLs from your local project bin folder
After that copy the new DLLs from your recently installed telerik version and
paste it in your bin folder after that add them inside your references in your project also
you need to update any telerik version registration inside your project config file or inside any of ASPX files

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