PC was crashed due to electricity problem

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My PC was crashed due to electricity problem. Later on when I boot my machine, I found bsod just before login screen. It displays for too short time and I couldn’t understand error code and cannot collect that.

I tried to mountain the faulty drive installing Ubuntu 10.10 but again I found error “either a hardware or software fault” and advised that “run chkdsk/f thru the recovery console and boot the windows twice times”.

The software is replaceable and I want my files to get back. Following opportunities I can follow according to the above instructions:

1. Run the command chkdsk/f to recover the files and reinstall the windows.

2. In Ubuntu, the drive can be mounted forcefully. 

3. The drive can be formatted (deleting all things)

Is there any more options.

Please let me know. Thanks.

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PC was crashed due to electricity problem


Are you able to login to your system once you see the bsod or is it restarting continuously showing the bsod. 

Is it still showing you the bsod I can suggest you a way where you can login to your system even if you see the  bsod. 

Follow this procedure.

Switch on the system. 

Once you see the bsod just ignore that and remove the power cable from your CPU. This will reset all hardware in your system and you will able to start windows again in a normal way.

Just insert back the power cable to the CPU and start the system. You will not see bsod again but once the system loads it will show you a message that system has encounter a serious problem. Which it automatically recovers.

Let me know if you have faced the problem again.

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PC was crashed due to electricity problem



I suggest you to remove your hard drive from your system, and connect it to another system via external or internal connector. Than move your all important data from crashed hard drive.

After doing this, attach your hard drive to your system back and try to reinstall your operating system.

Another solution is “Windows Live”. You need a CD or DVD of Windows Live. Boot your system with CD. You will be able to get access to your hard drive as windows live will run your system directly through CD or DVD. Than easily you can backup your important data from C drive to any other drive.

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PC was crashed due to electricity problem


Hi pat, As you already understood that because of electricity problem you are facing blue screen of death (BOSD) than you can solve it by only following few steps.

Just undo if you updated or installed any software recently which can be a cause for BOSD. I am telling this just because of being sure that the update or new installation is not the problem here.

I think because of electricity problem any one of your hardware driver is corrupted. My recommendation will be contact with your PC manufacturer and collect new hardware driver and install them.

Now restart your computer. I am almost sure than by doing this two, your problem should be solve. If after doing these two you do not get your desired result than you must have to reinstall windows and other operating systems. Thank you, Riley Weaver.

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