Desktop Computer versus PC Laptop

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What are the advantages of having a desktop computer versus a PC Laptop aside from portability?

I am planning to buy a computer to be used at home with functions including document creation, web surfing, downloading of images, audio and video files, and playing of media files. 

If I would rarely bring it with me, would you still recommend buying a PC Laptop?

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Desktop Computer versus PC Laptop


Yes I would still recommend that you buy a PC. Laptops really does have the advantage in terms of portability and preferred mostly by people who are in the business side. Desktop computers are really meant for home or office without the advantage of portability yet it is much cheaper and easy to repair once it is broken. Laptops is hard to customize while the personal computer are easy to do so. I suggest the in the your house you use your computer and outside your laptop. Both are computers and useful and so you have to value both items.

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Desktop Computer versus PC Laptop


Hello Gemsantos,

If you intend to be using the PC at home, I will recommend that you just buy a desktop computer as opposed to a Laptop PC. You will find that a desktop PC is cheaper compared to a laptop that will be having the same system specifications such as the memory speed, the hard disk size, and the CPU speed too.

A desktop PC will have a bigger screen compared to a laptop PC. It is also cheap when it comes to maintaining and repairing a desktop PC because the components are not attached together as in a laptop PC. For instance, when a desktop keyboard fails you will get one at a cheaper price for replacement as compared to a laptop which will cost you more to replace its fixed keyboard.


Lee Hung

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Desktop Computer versus PC Laptop


Desktop and Laptop computer are the same in term of usage. Both can be use for Internet browsing, gaming, video streaming, image and picture editing and many more. Moreover, they can be your best friend depending on what you want as a characteristic of a friend.

Well, the most advantages that laptop computer against desktop is "portability", of course. However, in many ways you will find out that both computers may have gone in either ways in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Desktop computers can be system-built, meaning you can choose your own specifications intended on what you want to do on the computer. If you are a gamer then why use Laptop? You will find it comfortable because desktop computer can be installed with higher specifications and you can customized hardware components inside.

You can find hardware components in many brands and is easy to replace damaged components inside compare to laptop. It's cheap only if you want to customized according to your budget.

For laptop computers, this also has the same functions on what desktop computer has. One advantage that I can see, an obvious reason why laptop computer is good compare to desktop is because it already has it's own wireless capability.

The Built-in WiFi components that is ready to use anytime. It's just one click of a button and it'll activate the WiFi feature. Laptop computers are so beautiful because of it's feature, looks and size. It's an icing on a cake but it's expensive than desktop.

For home used computer, you can choose what ever you want, desktop of laptop depending on your taste of technology now-a-days.


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Desktop Computer versus PC Laptop



If you do not plan on having the computer by your side, you're better off purchasing a desktop computer. Compared to a laptop with the same specifications, a desktop computer would be cheaper. Desktops are easier to service and may not necessarily need especially trained personnel for parts replacements.

Desktops are easier to upgrade while with laptops you'll be stuck with the configuration that you choose; except maybe for some Random Access Memory upgrades. At a given laptop computer's price, you can purchase an even more powerful desktop computer and be able to do more work or perhaps games.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair june

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