How to Recover PDF Password

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Hi TechyV friends, I am posting here my experience while using recover PDF password, I meet an error that said, the password you entered is incorrect, thus the file cannot be decrypted without recovering password, below is the error message screen I cut.

The password you entered is incorrect, thus the file cannot be decrypted without recovering password.


When I looked upon the error, its pointing to password, I checked on the manner I typed the  password, for many times I re typed the password, it keeps on denying my access, asking here if somebody encountered same error I meet, please share your thoughts, ideas, solution on how to work out on this error, thanks a lot guys in reading my post.

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How to Recover PDF Password


Here is a solution to the problem. I hope this can help you.

When you launched Recover PDF Password, this main window will appear:

1. Select the PDF file you wish to open by clicking the "Envelope Image".

2. Choose the recovery method either by password length, template, symbol, exhaustive search.

3. You can research both Owner and User passwords.

4. Choose from various charset options:

– Include lowercase Latin letters – all small Latin: abcdefghjiklmnopqrstuvwxyz

– Include uppercase Latin letters – all Latin caps will be used: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 

– Include special symbols – all special symbols ([email protected]…): `[email protected]#$%^&*()-_=+|,./<>?;:'"[]{}

– Include digits  – (0-9): 012345679 

– Include space – enables "space" character

– User-defined symbols – enter symbols that are most likely to have been used in the password

5. When you have chosen all the options, click START RECOVERY button and wait. You can see the whole decryption progress, elapsed, estimated time, etc.

6. Remember that the recovering process may be paused anytime by clicking the button and may continue later.

7. You can decrypt a file now – saved without password and usage limitations. All passwords are saved in the History tab.

I hope this can help you. Thank you very much.

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