Password with rules that can turn off in the web.config line

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I would like to set a newly password and making reliable to move that password quality rules (rules can be turned off in the "web.config line".

If you put a different password incorrectly SSRPM provides a neighborly misconception communication that the web administrator can change or make added localizations.

What should I have to do solving this particular problem? Any suggestions are welcomed. 


Incorrect Answer

One or more questions have been answered incorrectly.Please press 'Retry' to change the incorrect answers Error(code:-11)

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Password with rules that can turn off in the web.config line


Please check the error message again that is displayed on your screen. Try to analyze it again and I’m sure you will get the solution to the error. It says something about questions that have already been answered but incorrectly that’s why the error appeared.

If you are trying to configure your password security questions, try going back to the questions you enabled and check if the supposed answer is really correct or not. Maybe the answer is case-sensitive so you better check if it uses the proper casing on the text or texts.

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