Outlook Express Mail sent.. want to get it back…

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I am using outlook express 2003. I have mistakenly send a message to my boss. Which I had to send to my friend. I want this mail to be fetched back. And my boss can not see its content. The PC of my boss on which his mail box is configured is powered off write now. Please give me any solution so that I may not get caught in any problem. Please help immediately.

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Outlook Express Mail sent.. want to get it back…


Yes you can get the message back if your boss has not read it yet. But if he has read it then you can not call it back. Outlooks express 2003 offers menu option to recall the unread message.

 Open the mail which you have sent. Go to ‘Action’ tab. A drop down menu will appear. At the end of this menu there will be an option ‘Recall This Message’. Click on this option. The message will be re-called.

 But remember, a mail message will still go to the recipient, but when it will try to open it, it will not show its contents. Instead it will tell the recipient by a message window that the sender has requested this message to be recalled.

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Outlook Express Mail sent.. want to get it back…



When sending email to someone, (in your case your boss) if the message was sent successfully, there's no way to get it back (fetched). This is regardless how your boss check his/her email messages, either through webmail and or email client. Your boss will still receive that message from you.

Your only option and way out is/are;

  1. Of course if you know his/her email password and log-in to his/her account to webmail and delete that message from you.
  2. Sneak to his/her office, log-in to his/her computer and open mail client and delete that message. (not advisable and impossible to do but doable)
  3. Hope he/she will not able to read what's the content of it. And miss that message from you because he/she probably delete by mistake or simply forgot to read.
  4. Write him/her an email again, inform him the mistake and just be honest. Inform him/her not to read the content because it was not simply meant for him/her. In this case, you won't be compromised or worse get fired.

These are the only information but not really a solution. Lastly is just WISH, your boss won't get mad at you by that message.

Chao and peace!


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