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I started up my computer this morning and it did not boot. I get an error on a black screen saying that Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing or corrupt. I tried booting my computer based on last known configuration and also in safe mode but it just does not start up. It keeps giving me the same error message. I wanted to attempt a repair installation but unfortunately i do not have an installation disk. I have a lot of important information on my hard drive and cannot permit losing my data or having my hard drive reformatted during a clean installation. Is there anyway I can repair my operating system without doing a clean installation? I have Windows XP Home Edition installed on my laptop.

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Corrupted or missing kernel is a pretty critical error, and you have no other option but to Repair your Windows Installation by running your Windows XP CD on boot, seeing as you can't even get to start Windows. First insert your Windows CD and make your PC boots on CD, wait for the prompt to appear and follow the instructions there. Press R to repair the existing Windows Installation and highlight the one that needs repairing. Press R again to repair the selected installation and wait for it to finish. I am sorry, but there really is no other simpler way to fix your problem without losing data aside repairing your installation using your Windows XP Installation Disc.

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Hi Allan,

Technically speaking your OS is already corrupted, and the only way to repair your computer is to reinstall again your OS, but you can’t do that because you have important files on your hard disk, right?

Well all you have to do dismounts your hard disk in your hard disk and slave it with another computer, in that way you can recover your important files in your hard disk before you reformat and install your OS.