Opera 12 Features and Performance

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I’ve read that Opera 12 was released just this week. What are the new features of Opera 12? And how is its performance compared to other rival browsers like Firefox and Chrome? Thanks for reading!

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Opera 12 Features and Performance



Hi jamalia,
I appreciate you for raising your question to this site. You have come to the right site. Regarding your question about Opera 12, its features are the following:
1. It adds the ability for compliant websites to directly access the user’s webcam. Although not yet widely supported, a number of examples – a photo booth and Facekat game – are supplied by way of example. The idea is to prevent users from having to use a third-party application to access the webcam for browser-related activities such as updating a profile picture;
2. It has a theme support, allowing users to customize their browser window with a lightweight skin. These are accessible from the Opera > Appearance menu, and can be installed and switched between without having to restart the browser;
3. It has a security settings more visible by utilising colour-coded badges in the Address bar to help review a site’s privacy and security settings. There are improvements to the Address Field, including improved drop-down suggestions and smart URL shortening.
Its performance is better than other web browser because  it has better loading times and faster startup when many tabs are involved. It also introduces a dedicated 64-bit build for Windows and Mac users for the first time. Web standards support – particularly HTML5 and CSS3 – has also been updated.
I hope that have help answer your question.

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