Resolving Blurred Images on Opera Browser

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I am using Opera as my default internet browser. However, on when using on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter, the images shown seems to be not clear as when using other internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. How can I manage this problem?

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Resolving Blurred Images on Opera Browser


Hello Jopet.

The blurred images that you are complaining about is the result of Opera's "Opera Turbo" feature kicking in.  It is a unique feature of Opera that helps web pages load faster when you are on a slow network connection such as in a busy wi-fi zone or if you are using a 56k modem, or if you are simply experiencing a very poor broadband speed.  Opera Turbo speeds up browsing by compressing data so that your browser has less data to download.  Unfortunately, this speed up has this annoying effect of lowering the resolution of images which is why you see them as blurry.

To fix it, set Opera Turbo to Automatic where it kicks in when connection is slow and turns it off when the connection becomes faster.  Or turn it off entirely.

See screenshot below:

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