One or more items cannot be copied to raidbox

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Hello there,

I am the only user of my MAC and I have all the administrative right and I just started to experience some issues. One of the errors is this and it tells me that I don’t have the permission to read it. Can anyone explain me please how this things work? What permission I need to read these files? Thank you!


One or more items can’t be copied to “raidbox” because you don’t have permission to read them. Do you want to copy the items you are allowed to read?

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One or more items cannot be copied to raidbox



Mac has got serious permission settings that makes many easy tasks harder to do. This is just like that. You can try the following method to fix this issue:

1. You can try using any removable media, for example, USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Copy/burn the files into the media and connect it with your PC and get them inside your data storage.

2. Open Terminal from Utilities. Run the following command:
sudo chown -R yourusername:staff
Give a space after the word “staff”, drag all the files inside the terminal you want to copy and press “Return”. If prompted, you have to enter your admin password which won’t be displayed.

Now your copying problem should have disappeared.

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