Number of bluetooth devices connect concurrently

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How many bluetooth devices can communicate concurrently? Can i set a password for my bluetooth device when the bluetooth is turned on?



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Number of bluetooth devices connect concurrently


Several open connections can be handled at the same time. It's possible for a master device to communicate and work with  up to seven active slaves in a Bluetooth piconet. Another 248 devices can also participate in, if they are in a state of sleep for a defined time period. In the communication network, one active device can switch to sleep mode and another sleeping device can then actively participate and switch to active mode.

But then in Bluetooth scatternets (also known as interconnected piconets) , there is a huge advantage of having unlimited number of participating devices. By participating two or more piconets , some slaves can act as a communication bridge . From a topology perspective considering Bluetooth scatternets,Cube connected cycles architecture is considered to be the most advanced .One has the option of setting a password (termed as passkey) for the participating Bluetooth device when its active.

To enable the Bluetooth, one has to navigate to devices and printers in control panel and search for the Bluetooth device. Once found, choose the setting of same by right clicking it. From there, it’s possible to pair up devices while communicating by providing same passkey .

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