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Explain this.

If one system has a permanent part and a removable part, for example (such as a CD-Rom drive and a CD-Rom). It is important that we make a standardized system, so that different companies can make both the permanent and removable parts and every thing still works together.

Give three examples outside the computer industry, where such international standards exist. Now give three areas outside the computer industry, where they do not exist.

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Explain given Question appropriately. Thanks



There are many examples, of course. Some systems for which there is international standardization, include compact disk players and their disks, Walk-man tape players and audio cassettes, cameras and 35 mm film, and automated teller machines and bank cards.

Area where such international standardization is lacking, include VCRs and videotapes (NTSC VHS in the U.S., PAL VHS in parts of Europe, SECOM VHS in other countries), portable phones, lamps and light bulbs (different voltages in different countries), photocopiers and paper (8.5 x 11 inches in the U.S., A4 everywhere else), nuts and bolts (English versus metric pitch), etc.

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