NTUSER.DAT file format: Action could not be completed

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Hello Good Day to everyone!

I just want to know what are the other ways to remove Virus in the computer. Apart from Safety mode and Restore Factory Settings. It takes time when I do those actions.

I have a License Norton Antivirus 2009 but whenever a virus will detect in the system it cannot be fully removed from the computer.

To think that this Antivirus is copyright and genuine. Just like the files that shown below that I want to delete after I fully scan the computer;


I says that " The action can't be completed because the file is open another program". 

Please help me to fully remove the viruses?


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NTUSER.DAT file format: Action could not be completed


Hi Steeve,

The reason you cannot delete NTUSER.DAT is because it is part of Windows’ user accounts. If you modify this file there is a possibility that you may not be able to log in to the account associated with this file.

This file contains specific settings and all the data for HKEY_LOCAL_USE in the registry for a user account. It is always in “use” as long as you are logged in and it is protected, so you cannot and SHOULD not be deleting it, unless you are sure that this file is not connected with your user account.

Leave it alone.



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NTUSER.DAT file format: Action could not be completed


Hello Steeve,

The NTUSER.DAT is not a threat at all. It is a part of the system where you can log to that account that is associated with that file. It is always in use just like any services when your operating system loads or the computer starts.

Based on the screenshot  you provided, you actually attempt to manually delete the file.  There are lots of system files that can be revealed in any ways and attempting any inappropriate actions to any of this related files would be crucial. I would suggest to just trust your antivirus and of course check your antivirus if it is regularly updated.

Your system doesn't have any problems at all.



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