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I am using Windows XP as my OS, and it is attacked by a virus and the result was only a green screen appears.

I have executed ‘Spybot’ more than two times and it had deleted lots of files.

But, I am not able to connect the internet and there is no way to get updates. I have to reboot the system in safe mode, but it is not allowed to scan the computer.

Also, it gives an error message which says that ‘ntfs.sys file is missing from the ‘drivers’ folder under ‘system32’.

I have run the Windows Repair by using the installation CD.

I have copied ntfs.sys file from another system. But, both actions could not able to solve the problem.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance. 

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Dear user, if any kind of file like .dll, .sys, .inf or other type are missing from sytem32 folder, just try a new Windows.

After completing Windows on your PC, first install a good antivirus with update-then clean your PC.

Finally be careful from malware/virus and use Anti- Malware tool/software to protect your PC.

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Hello Nabdulhamid,

First try to run a system restore process and take back the system to a last know good restore point.
If that doesn't help, follow the steps below to restore the missing/corrupt ntfs.sys file.
You must have a Windows XP CD to continue.

1.   Insert the Windows XP CD in your computer and reboot the computer.

2.   Set BIOS to boot from CD.

3.   As the computer starts up, remember to press a key to boot from the CD.

4.   In the Windows XP setup screen, press the 'R' key. It will run the Windows Recovery Console.

5.   If prompted, enter the Windows installation number you're trying to repair.

6.   Type this line at the command prompt.

copy X:\i386\ntfs.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers

Here X: will be the letter of your CD-ROM drive. [eg: D,E,F].

Many computers usually have the CD-ROM drive as the drive D:

7.   If ntfs.sys is still on the computer, you'll be prompted if you are wishing to overwrite file. If you are prompted somehow, press 'Y' key for Yes, in order to overwrite the file.

8.   Once the file copying has been done, remove XP CD from your CD ROM and reboot the computer. Remember to change the BIOS settings again to boot from hard drive)

Hope this will fix it!