Notify Email To Phone Call ?

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Is it possible for getting notification as phone call and the e-mail to be read out by the call?

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Notify Email To Phone Call ?


Yes,it can be done with the help of Skylook.


1.Install Skylook.

2. Click the “Alerts>Advanced Alerts…” button in the Skylook toolbar:

3. Choose “Email” from the list of options, then click “Next”:

4. Enter some search text. Only emails that contain your search text in the subject, body or sender name or email address will be forwarded to your phone.

5. Fill out this wizard page as shown (using your phone number instead of the one shown):

6. Fill out the next wizard page as shown:

7. Accept the default settings in the next page:

8. Enter a name for the alert, then click “Finish”:

9.When you receive a mail, the phone number you entered should ring. Answer the call and listen to your email. If Skylook had problems calling your phone (e.g. if the number is invalid), the details of the problem are placed in a new inbox item for you to review.

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