Experiencing Yahoo Messenger Error Several Times

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I experience this error several times already. I log in with my correct yahoo email address and correct password but still I can't access my account. Is this normal or something wrong with my installation process?. How can I overcome this issue not to happen again?

Problem

There was a problem signing into Yahoo!

Please try again a little bit later. (81003005)


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Experiencing Yahoo Messenger Error Several Times


I have experienced that error before and in my case it was caused by slow internet connection speed. I suspect it is the same in your case too and therefore you will need to troubleshoot the problems with the internet connection. In case you are using broadband internet, you will need to check the bars and see if they are few or many. Few bars will mean that the speed of internet connection is slow. Try restarting the computer to refresh the settings and see if that will solve the problem. If restarting the computer does not solve the problem yet you will need to restart the router.

-Lee Seen


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