Notebook battery indicating false time value

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I own a Toshiba Satellite laptop. When I run it on Battery I get the remaining time as 2 and half at first.

Later when I check again in about 15 minutes it indicates the remaining time as less than an hour.  

But it should be 2 and 20 minutes.

After another 15 or 20 minutes it will give the low battery warning.

why am I having this problem? 


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Notebook battery indicating false time value

  • As you have not mentioned the laptop model and the OS, it is difficult to give an exact answer. However,
  • these laptops are using Lithium Ion batteries, which decay over time depending on the usage of the battery. This may helps to give a wrong value of the time
  • You follow these steps and as a solution
  •  Fully charge the battery
  • Modify the power saving profile
  • Disable the hibernation and standby mode
  • Disable the battery options which says to switch off the machine when battery  off
  • This helps to utilize the fully battery level and make it empty
  • After this, fully charge the laptop without switching on
  • Check whether the problem is sorted out
  • If this does not work for you, it is suggested to install software like ‘Power Meter Plus’ But your laptop OS should be between Windows 3.11 and Windows Vista




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Notebook battery indicating false time value


Laptop lithium-ion batteries lose power over time.  It is a normal occurrence.  

You operating system's battery meter measures the current charge at certain intervals, calculates how much charge is most likely remaining and shows you the approximate time.  

Before we conclude that the battery is already dying, please try these steps first:

  1. Let your battery drain fully.  You will know the battery has reached its cut off point when your computer shuts itself down automatically.  NOTE:  DO NOT attempt to turn on your laptop once it shuts down.
  2. With your laptop still OFF, plug in the AC power adaptor to your outlet and let it charge to 100%.

The 2 steps above will recalibrate the power meter of your lithium-ion battery.  The power meter is what regulates the flow of current to the battery during charging, and it is the component that reports the power status to your operating system.  

Because we tend to charge our laptops while they are only partially drained, this somehow "confuses" the power meter such that it no longer knows when the battery is really empty or full.

Because it is not recommended to let your battery drain fully before charging it every time, do this only to recalibrate your power meter after every 30 recharge cycles.

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