Not able to uninstall the Ask toolbar

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Good day to you all.

I have the Ask Toolbar and have decided to remove it. So I went directly to the toolbar because it has an uninstallation option in it. But I somehow received this error message. Please help, there is no other uninstallation option that I can find to remove this. I would want a clean uninstall.

Thank you.


Unable to execute file:

C:Program Files (x86)Toolbar Uninstallertbu.exe

CreateProcess failed; code 740.

The request operation requires elevation.

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Not able to uninstall the Ask toolbar


Hi Travis,

This error occurs when a program does not have permission to execute a command because in Vista and 7 your program does not get administrator permission to execute an operation. To get the necessary permission, right click on your uninstallation program and click on run as administrator. This should solve your problem.

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Not able to uninstall the Ask toolbar

Hi there Travis P Tarver,
This may be the permission problem. Try running the installation as an Administrator. Right click the Uninstall icon and from the menu choose the option Run as Administrator. this should give you access to everything and the uninstallation should complete without any more problems.


Another way to uninstall the software is via the Control Panel. Open your Control Panel and find the item named Programs and Features. Open it, and wait until the list of software is updated. Scroll through the list until you find the software you'd like to remove, select it and click uninstall.


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Drake Vivian
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Not able to uninstall the Ask toolbar

Method one : Uninstalling it Manually
I. Shut your browser. Whether or not you employ net human, Firefox, or Chrome, constant method can apply.
II. Move to your panel. This is often accessible below the beginning up menu or via a route on the desktop. On the left aspect column there'll be an inventory of 4 options: System and Security, Network and web, Hardware and Sound, and Programs. Directly below the “Programs” risk there need to be a button that says “uninstall a program” or “add/remove programs” – click that.
III. Notice the raise Toolbar on the program list. Running on the left aspect of the window ought to be an inventory of all they put in programs on your laptop. Notice the raise Toolbar, so right-click it. Once the right-click menu seems, choose “uninstall.”
iv. Follow the uninstall steps. Complete the uninstall method by following the steps conferred during a dialogue box. Once it asks you to verify that you simply need to uninstall the raise Toolbar, choose “yes.”
v. Change your homepage. Despite the fact that you've got uninstalled the raise Toolbar, it should still be put in as your homepage on your browser. To alter this, open your browser, move to the “settings” possibility, and alter the homepage computer address to a website of your selection.[1]
Method two : Uninstalling it with the Toolbar Remover
I. DOWNLOAD the toolbar remover. The raise Toolbar remover may be a free DOWNLOAD provided by, and will precisely what it says: uninstall the raise Toolbar. You'll DOWNLOAD it onto your laptop here .
II. Open the remover. Once it's finished fixing, open the window. The dialog box can give you with three options: “execute removal,” “quit the program,” and “about.” To uninstall the toolbar, choose ; execute the removal.;
III. Verify the removal. Open your browser once the uninstall program has completed to verify that the toolbar has been removed. If the transfer didn't work, you'll strive running it once more or going the manual route.[2]
Method 3 : Disabling the raise Toolbar
I. Open your browser. Shut any supernumerary tabs in your browser. Notice the settings tab in your window.
In chrome, this is {often|this can be} often found beneath the three-bar box on the upper right corner of the screen.
In internet mortal, this is {often|this can be} often the gear-shaped tab on the very best right corner. Instead of being labeled as “settings,” it's instead labeled as “internet decisions.”
In Firefox, this is {often|this can be} often beneath the orange Firefox bar on the very best left.
II. Attend the “extensions” tab. Here, there needs to be a list of all the extensions that square measure downloaded, with a little checkbox titled “enabled” next to each. Unselected the “enable” box next to the raise Toolbar extension.
III. Check your browser. Disabling the raise Toolbar doesn’t uninstall it from your laptop, but need to remove it from your browser. It shouldn't modify your homepage of the software package, so you will have to be compelled to come back to edit that.
Method four : Uninstalling a Malicious Toolbar
I. Verify that your toolbar could be a malware virus. If you uninstall the toolbar however it somehow appears as if by magic appear on every occasion you boot your PC, you probably managed to select up a deceptive toolbar somewhere.
II. DOWNLOAD associate anti-malware program. One amongst the simplest free anti-malware programs is Malware bytes, out there for transfer here .
III. Run the program. Follow the steps within the dialog box, and “fix” and malware or virus problems the program detects.
IV. Restart your PC. Once you’ve managed to get rid of any malware which will be gift on your PC, boot and open your browser to verify that the raise Toolbar has been removed.
* It's helpful to have associate anti-malware/anti-virus program place in on your laptop within the least time.
* The Toolbar Removal program has a downside removing the newest versions of the raise Toolbar, albeit it says the removal is self-made . If it doesn't work for you, attempt uninstalling it manually.


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