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I was installing Norton Antivirus in one of the computers at home when I got this error message, see below.  Yes, I was able to find a solution but I wanted to know the reason for this error.  I have to install Norton antivirus to two (2) more PCs at home. 

Anybody knows the reason so this would be prevented? 

Norton Antivirus Setup

The installation encountered an error and is unable to continue.

You will now be directed to the Symantec support website. 9999,171

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Hello PeterF,

The error may have occurred due to a bug in the Norton Antivirus setup which could have been fixed when you access the Symantec support website as you have been told in the error message.

If you were able to download another setup for the Norton antivirus I will advice that you use that one for installing on the other two computers so as to avoid encountering the same problem. But since you have already found the solution to the problem then you do not have a thing to worry about.

Hope this helps.


Clair Charles

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This error may occur due to few reasons.

1. If you download this setup through online, there is a possibility to missing some files. It may happen due to slow connection or time to time disconnecting the connection.

 2. Sometimes, Windows Firewall or some security features may block some setup files.

3. If you installed any virus guard before, some un- removed files may remain in your hard disk.

4. Sometimes if you use the same setup file to install several times, there is possibility to damage your setup file. Therefore you can repair it by accessing Symantec support web site.